• Dear Katy

    By Kate Uriz

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    Planning and Scheduling Personal Home Care Assistance

    • How do I start with advanced planning for in-home care assistance?
    • How do we prepare for or anticipate care needs?
    • Mom wants occasional home care assistance but dad doesn't.
    • How can we coordinate agency care with our large family of caregivers?
    • If a professional caregiver is hired, do I need to sign a contract?

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    • If we use a home care assistance agency, will we get the same caregiver each day?
    • How does an agency match up the right person for in-home companionship?
    • What do you advise if my mother doesn't get along with the caregiver?
    • Can we try out a caregiver for our autistic son for a couple of hours?
    • How do professional caregivers manage difficult behaviors?
    • What if we don't like a caregiver's cooking?
    • Can we request a caregiver who speaks a certain language?
    • What if we don’t like the caregiver?
    • Do agencies require that each caregiver's competency be tested?
    • How do I know I can trust the people coming into my home?
    • Are we compensated if the caregiver accidentally breaks something of value?
    • What happens if the caregiver is accidentally injured?

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    Personal Home Care Assistance Services

    • How much time is needed to plan and prepare meals each week?
    • Can a caregiver use my mom’s debit card for groceries?
    • Do agencies coordinate with other local resources for frail seniors?
    • What types of home care assistance are best for parents with mobility problems?
    • Dad isn't eating enough and is losing weight. Any suggestions?
    • What is the minimum amount of assistance that an agency provides?
    • Managing dad's medications is a big problem. Any suggestions?
    • How often is transportation provided and how far?

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    Monitoring Personal Home Care Assistance

    • How can I monitor the care my dad is receiving?
    • Do caregivers report suspicious behavior by acquaintances or visitors?
    • Do you have social workers available if unusual situations need attention?
    • How do I keep my talkative dad from keeping the caregiver from her tasks?

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    Live-In Home Care

    • What are the advantages of live-in home care assistance, compared to an assisted living facility?
    • What are some examples where live-in home care is especially useful?
    • What are the exact services provided by a live-in caregiver?
    • What types of services are not provided?
    • What if my mom occasionally needs in-home medical care?
    • Does a private bedroom need to be available to the caregiver?
    • Is the same caregiver there at all times?
    • If there’s an interruption in service, can we get the same caregiver later?
    • Do we get to interview several caregivers?
    • How long before people get comfortable with a live-in caregiver?
    • What is the typical length of service for live-in care?
    • How is the caregiver’s time off or sick time arranged?
    • When is live-in care no longer a viable option for someone in declining health?

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Victorian Home Care is a licensed home care agency, offering personal home care assistance to families throughout Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. With offices in Monterey and Aptos, our service area includes Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Salinas, Seaside, Castroville, Watsonville, Aptos, Capitola, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, and surrounding cities. Services include hourly or live-in home care, extended care, home health aides, medication reminders, and coordination with healthcare providers. Home caregivers and personal care assistants provide help with activities of daily living, meal preparation, light housekeeping, senior and eldercare, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, transportation and companionship. We are an affiliate of Kindred at Home.