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    "Thank you so much for so carefully handling my mom's care (and for handling my dad too)! We really rested easier knowing your company had a hand in it all."
    - Thank you, Kathy

    "My husband and I would like to thank your PTs, OTs, nurses and patient care persons who helped me through the process of recovering from an ankle injury and surgery. All were exceptional - very caring and understanding. In particular I owe my rapid progression to the lead therapist. From day one, he was very positive and encouraging about my recovery. He took me through the series of exercises and made sure I knew just how far I could go. He made some very good suggestions and recommendations. He always confirmed he would come on a certain day and time. I could not have asked for better care. Keep up the good work. You are appreciated!"
    - Sincerely, Carmen

    "I just wanted to say thank you to Mathew and the girls who helped us with my uncle, John B. You provided comfort and support when we couldn't get it elsewhere! You are very professional, kind, warm and caring! My uncle passed away on Saturday. Thank you again for the service you provide. Please give Kim F. a special thank you and hug for me. She was wonderful and genuinely cared. May God bless each and every one of you!"
    - Nancy

    "I am writing this letter on behalf of my family to thank and show appreciation for all of the kind and caring people we came to know as our mother, Ms. Linda M., struggled with multiple health issues.

    "I first contacted many agencies and made time to have each of them in my home. After meeting with three or four agencies, one thing was becoming clear: They were sending out their best representatives in sales, but never did I see any of the actual caregivers themselves. I began questioning the decision to bring anyone into my home because I just felt a lack of genuine care.

    "I had one last interview scheduled with your company, but it was delayed when my mother was again admitted to the hospital. I called the woman to tell her that I would not be able to keep our appointment. I am so glad that I called her and very soon came to know her as Michelle. Michelle rearranged her schedule to meet and speak with me not at home but at the hospital.

    "We talked – not about signing on the dotted line and not about her. Michelle stayed and spoke with me about my mother’s hospitalization. She could see how deeply I cared for my mother. Michelle made a commitment to me to find a personal home care assistance woman as my mother was released from the hospital.

    "Michelle did everything other agencies did not. She came to my home with a potential caregiver and promised me that if ever there was a problem with the care it would be handled within just a few hours. She kept her promise.

    "Everything about home care assistance was a blessing to my mother. The caregivers never corrected my mother for silly things a woman with early onset dementia might say. As a team, they were able to get my mother up and exercising. I cared for her much longer than these gals, and not once would she exercise at my request. The relationships my mother had with her caregivers were great.

    "There came a point when my mother grew very ill. I turned to one of the services from your agency that I was terribly sad to have to use. Having said that, I want to continue to praise this company.

    "At this point, a very brief stay in the hospital with routine tests and a CT scan of my mother’s brain showed that she was going to die. The doctor told our family we could stay with my mother in the hospital or we could take her home with hospice care. I knew nothing about dealing with this, so a call to the lady who by now we knew had a heart so full of caring and kindness and even a shoulder to cry on was placed.

    "When told of the situation, Michelle had answers and suggestions, and little did we know that you all had the very best team of employees in the hospice department. Within the hour, the team leader sat down and told us everything was lined up. The transition from in-home health to hospice was so fast and so complete without a single hiccup.

    "From the family of Ms. Linda M., we thank all of you, from the office staff and the messengers to Ms. Michelle and the hospice team. We loved the care and after care. We trusted you with the most precious gem and you gave us professionals with hearts."
    - Blessing to all from the family of Linda M.

    "Dear Hospice Staff,

    "We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful loving care that Bonnie received from you. We are so happy we were able to be with her the last few days of her life and we also were care for by you in such a loving way. Bonnie’s last days were peaceful and comfortable and all of her needs (and ours) were met: physical, emotional, spiritual. We enjoyed meeting so many members of the team, including Dr. Roemer.

    "God bless you all.
    "With Love,"

    - Jan and Lee Y., LaPorte, MN

    "Erin, PT, and Debbie, OT, are technically outstanding and very sharp. They are advanced, thoughtful, caring, loving, intelligent and very astute. My wife has had therapy in the past from other people, but none compared to Erin and Debbie!"
    - Morin W., San Rafael, CA

    "Thank you for your loving care and support you provided Joe and his family through the last journey of his life on earth.

    "We appreciate so very much your tireless dedication for his comfort and keeping him as pain free as possible.

    "Thank you for the support for Ricki as she stood with him through this final journey.

    "Thank you for the spiritual support for him.

    "With heartfelt appreciation and respect."

    - Leonard B. and Family
      Canon City, CO

    "Thank you very much for the great personnel you provided for my mother. Sonny and Diane were delightful and had great observation skills that added to the complete care of my mother. My mother is under hospice now. Let Sonny and Diane know that they are stars! Gratefully,"
    – Jacqueline S.

    "Your organization provided care for my mother. I just wanted to let you know how much we, as her family, appreciated the love and care she was given by all the members of her care team. For her last 3-4 weeks of life, we were there in her room almost all the time helping to feed her, turn and position her and to help take care of her. My mom loved Belinda, her aide. I watched Belinda care for my mom with a great deal of knowledge, experience, and compassion. Her primary nurse was Caroline and she was always professional, kind and caring. I'm sure that since both myself and my daughter are also nurses that we tried her patience at times, but she was always receptive to our needs and ideas. These excellent staff members were joined by Mark, the chaplain. I know my mom found comfort in his words and prayers, I certainly did as well. These people helped us in so many ways to make my mom's last days more comfortable, both physically and spiritually. I cannot thank them adequately for all the care and support they gave to us as well as to my mom. They endured our endless stories and ‘remembering’ fun times from my mom's and my dear dad's life. We came to enjoy and appreciate each of them. I hope you are very proud of them. They are a wonderful representation of your company. Thank you for sending them to us."
    – satisfaction survey response

    "I still think very fondly of all the people there. My mother was with you fine people. The fine care all of your people gave her and the support was so wonderful. When we finally lost her, the care you gave both her remains and myself was just fantastic. I was a mess when it happened and kept thinking I did not do enough to keep her going. Your kind words helped me feel a little better knowing I could not have done any more then I did. I will admit I still sometimes wonder if I did not do this or that maybe I could have had her stay with us a little while longer. Anyway, I just needed to let you angels know I still think so fondly of everyone there."
    – Gordon S

    "Hospice provided excellent care in all respects."
    – satisfaction survey response

    "They were wonderful and it was a relief when they came to help. Thank you so much for the support."
    – satisfaction survey response

    "Our family cannot express enough our appreciation for the gentle loving care our mother received. Everyone was exceptional about seeing that mom was as comfortable as possible. They told us what was happening and were with us the entire time. Many thanks to the caring and very professional people. We will be forever grateful."
    – Mary L

    "Awesome group that cared for dad -- his six days with hospice were amazing! Most relaxed I had seen dad for 1 1/2 years! Thank you!"
    – satisfaction survey response

    "They were so kind and supportive. Thanks for your help with Ed."
    – Ginnie F

    "I was very pleased with the care given my mother. She was treated with love and respect. Only God could do a better job. I’m so thankful that she had you her final days to make and keep her comfortable. Please continue to give the great care you give. God bless you."
    – Ginger V

    "My mother died a beautiful death, if there is such a thing! She died very peacefully because she knew her family and her hospice "girls" were right there with her. Praise God she is and was at peace." 
    – Betty C

    "They performed with utmost professionalism and caring. Pastor Dennis has been very gracious to visit my mom and pray with her. The team as a whole provided the best care that I could have asked for. Because of their efforts it help my mom live out her last days with dignity." 
    – Dan W

    "They did a nice job – service was very helpful in keeping my sister comfortable and in helping our family feel confident that she was getting the best possible care."
    – satisfaction survey response

    "My mother’s hospice aide was absolutely wonderful, and she contributed so much to Mom’s quality of life. The 24-hour nurses were so kind and personable and knowledgeable. The social worker was also excellent."
    – satisfaction survey response

    "I really appreciated the gentleness, professional attitude and kindness that the hospice team provided. The genuine care was over the top. I wish I had mom in hospice long before she was enrolled. Having extra hands caring for her during her last days was comforting." 
    – satisfaction survey response

    "The hospice team that worked with my mom became her family as well as mine during her illness. They were thoughtful about her needs as well as ours. They were a great support during her last days. We felt comfortable with all the nurses who sat with us in the end even though we had never met them. My mom looked forward to seeing Kim everyday. She was like a ray of sunshine and very professional. The chaplain was a great help also. God bless you all."
    – Jan C

    "My heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you for the love and care and comfort you gave to mom. All of you are truly angels of mercy! This last year was the toughest time of my life. It is hard to express my gratitude for all the warm and loving support that was given to me at this time. Thank you to nurses Cindy and Pat and social worker Penny and Tasha for mom’s assistance. She loved all of you! Mom left this world with peace and dignity because of all of you. I will never forget you and the love you gave to mom. Bless all of you." 
    – Christine R

    "The team was great!! I will recommend them to anyone in need of Hospice."
    – satisfaction survey response

    "I wanted to compliment the services of two of your physical therapists. Charles Giolzetti and Todd Trowbridge. They were both excellent. They helped me more than anyone else has ever helped me before. Thank you so much for having such quality people helping people like myself. "
    – Ida C

    "You and your staff are to be commended for making a wonderful difference and enriching the lives of those in need of home health care."
    - M.T., San Francisco, CA

    "Susan definitely goes 'above and beyond' in the care of her patients, and we feel so fortunate that she has been assigned to my mom's case."
    - R.W., Oakland, CA

    "I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care they gave my mother. My family and I appreciate it very much."
    - M.M., San Francisco, CA

    "My physical therapist is highly skilled, respectful, and thoughtful. I have enjoyed every session with him. Under his care, I have improved steadily."
    - H.M., Saratoga, CA

    "My rehab therapist is knowledgeable and she knows when to expand and when to ease off her exercise programs."
    - J.W., Fairfield, CA

    "We are very pleased with your company. They were very understanding, special and kind. Thank you all so much!"
    - A.D., Layton, UT

    "We felt really cared about at your company. Their response time was very fast and were always on call."
    - H.D., Holladay, UT

    "Melanie not only gave me excellent care - she also became a friend."
    - J.W., Millcreek, UT

    "Our nurse Christina was fantastic and knew just how to interact with me. She was very knowledgeable and appropriate."
    - R.L., Salt Lake City, UT

    "I was very happy with the care you all gave my husband. Each caregiver greeted us and were always pleasant."
    - W.R., Murray, UT

    "I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful service I received when I was in need of your assistance. Friday, June 15th, I needed to have someone to stay with my mother, who had a mild stroke. I felt it was best that someone other than a worried, overprotective daughter watch over her. I contacted your agency and Char got me in touch with Linda who had a care giver in Mom's home within hours. Colleen was wonderful. She was professional, personable, fun and kind. She kept me well informed and Mom grew very fond of her. Since Colleen could only stay two days, she was replaced by Dawn Hoar. I had some concerns that at 90, and having just had a stroke, the change might be disturbing for Mom. Dawn came in with the understanding that she needed to tread lightly and within a few minutes had made friends with Mom and all went well. She had all the same qualities as Colleen and Mom liked her as much. All the employees I dealt with went out of their way to make this difficult time as comfortable as possible for us. I would like to commend and thank them all."
    -Diane W.

    In February of 2013, our lives changed forever. Our son was in the hospital and was sent home with a very large bed sore on his bottom. We were told that we would need home health care for Tom, and we were given a list from which to choose. Having no knowledge about these organizations, we chose this company on a whim. It turned out to be the best choice we could have possibly made.

    Vicki visited us on our second day home and when we asked if she could come back, she said she’d be more than happy to do whatever we needed. On that first day, Tom bonded with her almost immediately. His first question for her was, “Where are the donuts?” We knew that we had made a lifelong friend. We also found out, much to our surprise, that Vicki’s supervisor Cindy was a family friend of Ralph’s. Cindy is so good at what she does, and we were thrilled to have her on board.

    Soon, Tom was at the hospital again. This time, we were at the Cleveland Clinic. Their wound care team worked on Tom’s wound and totally removed Tom’s left buttock in the end. When Tom returned home, Cindy and Vicki immediately formulated a plan to take care of his wound.

    Their first concern was trying to place a wound vac on the wound, which the Cleveland Clinic told them was impossible. They requested that they be permitted to try. They had success after trying several different ways around the wound itself. Cindy and Vicki showed us how to do it in case they were unable to come to the house on a day when it needed to be changed. Their instruction was so good that we too were able to do it on our first try. The Cleveland Clinic expressed to us that they were very impressed with the care that the agency had provided, especially in the case of the wound vac.

    Unfortunately, we lost our beloved son in May. Both Cindy and Vicki made a point to call and check up on us during that horrendous time. The care shown to us was exemplary, and we wouldn’t hesitate to send our family and friends to this company if they too ever need the very best in health care. Thank you to all of you. You’ll always be our forever friends."
    - Ralph and Jan B.


Victorian Home Care is a licensed home care agency, offering personal home care assistance to families throughout Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. With offices in Monterey and Aptos, our service area includes Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Salinas, Seaside, Castroville, Watsonville, Aptos, Capitola, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, and surrounding cities. Services include hourly or live-in home care, extended care, home health aides, medication reminders, and coordination with healthcare providers. Home caregivers and personal care assistants provide help with activities of daily living, meal preparation, light housekeeping, senior and eldercare, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, transportation and companionship. We are an affiliate of Kindred at Home.